This educational collaboration between Washington University's Tyson Research Center and the Missouri Botanical Garden's Shaw Nature Reserve is designed to engage St. Louis area high school students in scientifically-based exploration of the natural world. Linked programs of field training (SIFT) and field research (TERF) provide teenagers with experiences that realistically reflect research in environmental biology. Participating teens learn a variety of field investigation skills and then have the opportunity to put those new skills to work assisting career scientists with real research projects.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

48 Applicants!

As of this moment I have 48 application files!

Not all of the application files are complete and I am hoping to receive the last of the teacher recommendations shortly. I need to decide whether to call applicants to let them know that their files are complete or not. There is the possibility that they do not realize a teacher has forgotten to submit a recommendation. I would hate to penalize the teen for the (in)action of a teacher... Since we are in need of as many applicants as possible, I guess I will be making some calls.

There are 12 male applicants and 36 female applicants. While this is very heavy on the girls, it is not unexpected. Jon and I had discussed this possibility. The field of ecology is actually doing fairly well in terms of participation by women. However, the engagement of underrepresented minorities is one thing we hope to impact with this program.

It is time to start the applicant database and see what the demographics really look like...

On another note, I am finally working from my new computer! The new Leopard OS on my MacBook Pro is a bit different from my last OS and it will take some time to discover and master the new functionality. Looks like some cool stuff, though. Hopefully the excitement of the new bells and whistles will offset the loss of some of my files and e-mail...