This educational collaboration between Washington University's Tyson Research Center and the Missouri Botanical Garden's Shaw Nature Reserve is designed to engage St. Louis area high school students in scientifically-based exploration of the natural world. Linked programs of field training (SIFT) and field research (TERF) provide teenagers with experiences that realistically reflect research in environmental biology. Participating teens learn a variety of field investigation skills and then have the opportunity to put those new skills to work assisting career scientists with real research projects.

Friday, February 20, 2009

SIFT Cohort 1 Fall Field Projects

As part of the academic year component of the SIFT program, the teens are offered opportunities to work on authentic field research and restoration projects. We were lucky to have quite a variety of projects and dates available to the SIFTers during the fall months of 2008.
  • 9/6/08 through 12/13/08 (15 Saturdays) Impacts of an Invasive Plant on Biodiversity at Busch Conservation Area
  • 9/6/08 Plant Inventory at Shaw Nature Reserve
  • 9/13/08 Missouri Stream Team at Shaw Nature Reserve
  • 9/20/08 Prairie Day event at Shaw Nature Reserve
  • 10/4/08 Tree Planting in Forest Park
  • 10/4/08 Tick Study at Shaw Nature Reserve
  • 10/11/08 Investigating Effects of Bush Honeysuckle on Amphibian and Reptile Communities at Busch Conservation Area
  • 10/18/08 Seed Collecting at Shaw Nature Reserve
  • 10/18/08 Missouri Stream Team at Shaw Nature Reserve
  • 11/1/08 Seed Collecting at Shaw Nature Reserve
  • 11/15/08 Using Population Genetics to Understand Cyanide Production in White Clover at Washington University
Grad student Nic Kooyers explaining cyanide production in clover as a deterrent to herbivory

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