This educational collaboration between Washington University's Tyson Research Center and the Missouri Botanical Garden's Shaw Nature Reserve is designed to engage St. Louis area high school students in scientifically-based exploration of the natural world. Linked programs of field training (SIFT) and field research (TERF) provide teenagers with experiences that realistically reflect research in environmental biology. Participating teens learn a variety of field investigation skills and then have the opportunity to put those new skills to work assisting career scientists with real research projects.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

TERF Cohort 1 Reunion

It took some doing, but we managed to get most of the members of TERF Cohort 1 in one place at one time! This faithful group of trail blazers for the SIFT and TERF programs got together for dinner at Tyson on Monday, July 26th.

Notice program evaluator Dr. Kathi Beyer (l) clicking away at her Mac, just like old times...

There was sharing of memories from SIFT Summer 2008 and TERF Summer 2009. There was talk of summer jobs, college plans, determined and undetermined majors, and an unexpected request to attend the SIFT/TERF Winter Weekend in January 2011. (Aw, of course you guys can come!)

Back row (l to r): Emily Stein, Mary Bujnak, Asad Helal, Jenise Davies, Ellie Stoops

Front row (l to r): Pete McCall, Ashaki Hall, Tess Rogers, Josef Kanak, Hannah Bailey

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